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The 'them' and 'us' battle between traditional bookmakers/casinos and us punters is so ingrained into how we see gambling that many people remain unaware of the enormous flexibility offered by betting exchanges. These enable person-to-person betting by acting as the middle man, the beauty for us of betting against each other being that it is possible to assume the role of the bookmaker and take bets from others rather than make them ourselves. 

If we think that a horse won't win, or that Manchester United will fail to win away from home in their next Premier League fixture, then we simply set our virtual stall out and 'lay' these selections, inviting others to make the same bets they would with a conventional bookmaker. Looking at a horse race as a typical example of how betting exchanges have revolutionised the gambling industry, laying a horse in a 20-runner race is essentially the same as backing all the other 19 to win.

To add to the attraction, as well as placing or laying this or that bet, we can do both with the same selection and guarantee a profit when circumstances - and thus the odds - favour us, and herein lies the beauty of betting exchanges such as Betfair. By being allowed to trade both sides of a wager we hope to profitably 'close out' a bet by bringing in more money than we pay out. This can be done even before an event has actually started, but technology today means we can trade 'in-running' (or 'in-play') while a match or a race and so on is still in progress.

Clearly this kind of betting is perfectly suited to mobile gambling as we are always able to get involved and to act regardless of where we are. Indeed Betfair recently predicted that customers using mobile phones and iPads could well account for half of total revenue within the next five years. 'It’s a mass market play – this is not a niche product' said Stephen Morana, Betfair’s Chief Financial Officer, who was commenting on the 'huge shift' towards the mobile world.

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