Mobile Sports Betting: Horse racing’s revolutionary new whip rule

This week saw horse racing undergo a rule change that will have serious implications to the industry. After years of criticism and concern from animal welfare organisations, those within horse racing itself and potential race-goers, as of October 10 jockeys will be limited to the number of times they are allowed to use the whip, namely seven times in Flat races and eight in races over jumps (a maximum of five strokes can be administered in the last furlong, or from the final obstacle).


Given that jockeys face automatic fines as well as suspension for a whip violation, plus the fact that it is an offence for an owner or trainer to reimburse riders from their own winnings, we‘re sure to see races not necessarily going to plan - both  for those involved in an event as well as the bookmakers.

Clearly, worried about their ‘quota’ for a race, jockeys are going to find themselves stuck between a rock and hard place and not get the most from their ride, or even forget how many times they have used the whip. Animal rights groups understandably see the use of the whip as cruel, while jockeys point out it is a necessary tool for steering, aiding balance and correcting a horse’s stride.


As far as our sports betting is concerned, some jockeys need the whip more than others, some are more able to get the most out of a horse and so on. It’s now particularly useful to see which jockeys are likely to gain or lose out in this respect, especially if we want to oppose them in a race, for example.

And casualties in the form of fines and bans on the one hand, and criticism from punters for not performing well enough on the other, are inevitable. Top jockey Richard Hughes, with a wealth of experience, and apprentice Kieren Fox, were the first to come unstuck, Hughes receiving a five-day ban and Fox 15 days, with both losing their riding fees and prize money, for overuse of the whip.

Interesting times!  

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