Mobile Sports Betting for Beginners

For those of you with limited or no experience in sports betting on your mobile, the good news is that operators are well aware that a new generation of customers is only now joining the party. With this in mind the technology and services available for mobile users have made this gambling platform easier and more user-friendly than ever.

For our part, here's some advice to help enjoy the fun of mobile sports betting with more confidence.

- Bet only with what you can afford. Just as we set a little aside for other forms of entertainment, have a 'bankroll' in mind for sports betting. With a host of new player bonuses and special offers available nowadays this isn't a problem, and with all sorts of betting markets and convenient accounting and deposit/withdrawal options it's by no means intimidating or expensive to have a flutter. 

- Bet only on sports you have an interest in, and thus know something about. It's not necessary to be an expert or a fanatic, but there's little point betting on some obscure event of a sport you've hardly heard of just for the sake of it. As you gain experience, of course, you can branch out a little but, generally, people who play or follow this or that sport tend to enjoy (and have more success) betting on them. The beauty of mobile sports betting is that you can have a go when and where you like, so there will always be something of interest at times that suit you.

- Join more than one operator. Even if sports betting amounts to only occasional forays, it's worth joining a few bookmakers who provide a mobile betting service - especially with so many bonuses flying around - so that you can get the best value odds when you do feel like a bet.

- Think for yourself! Just because everyone else seems to be convinced they're going to see a specific result it doesn't mean they are right. In fact bookmakers exploit public opinion and bias every day by offering poor value odds for outcomes they know the vast majority of the public expect. Betting against so-called 'hot' favourites can often offer the opportunity to win big for very little outlay.

- Don't chase your losses - remember that sports betting is supposed to be fun. By sticking to your bankroll regardless of what you win or lose it will stay that way. Some people bet more when they win, but winning streaks always come to an end eventually, and it's nice to withdraw some of the winnings and enjoy it.

Keep a lookout in future for helpful hints about football and other sports!



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