Mourinho to Return to Chelsea?


There’s more psychological gamesmanship in football nowadays than ever before, and the occasional utterance from football managers – particularly in the English Premier League – almost seems to have had a certain amount of aforethought behind it in that comments (or at least the ostensibly hidden meaning behind them) can prove to be an off-putting distraction for those they are aimed at.

In a way these would-be subtle mind-games have taken boxing’s old-fashioned insults seen at big fight weigh-ins and tweaked them, the point being to undermine the confidence of both rival managers and, as a consequence, their players.

The latest such example came in a recent press conference where Sir Alex Ferguson opined it was ‘likely’ that Jose Mourinho would make a return to the Premier League next season, suggesting that if it were with Chelsea they would once again be worthy contenders for the title (applying some pressure for next season even before the present one is over...).

Of course the rumour mill is rife with predictions the self-proclaimed Special One will, like a knight in shining armour, make a heralded return, and anyone who believes that such an eventuality is so nailed on that they can’t wait to get on their mobiles and make a wager will have to be satisfied with short odds. Indeed at the time of writing the best available odds through gambling4mobiles in Chelsea’s Next Permanent Manager betting market are a pretty stingy 1/5. Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe Mourinho wouldn’t relish the challenge.

But that’s in the future (perhaps), and if previous history is anything to go by Fergie’s bit of crystal ball gazing was intended more as a broadside to Chelsea’s current manager, Rafa Benitez, who has had to carry the word ‘interim’ around with him like a concrete football around his neck since arriving at Stamford Bridge. The former manager of Manchester United’s arch-rivals Liverpool will still see a Champions League spot as a decent achievement and, no doubt, a sign of a job reasonably well done under the circumstances. With this in mind, any means to pile the pressure on Chelsea’s inevitably departing manager as the season turns the final corner is worth a try. Incidentally, the premier League Top Four Finish betting odds are Chelsea at 1/6, Arsenal 2/7, Tottenham 11/8 and Everton as big as 66/1.

Another sign of the times when looking at the online and mobile betting industry is how these behind-the-scenes shenanigans are much more of an influence on betting markets than they once were, mainly due to the fact that technology - through a smorgasbord of mobile devices - affords us the simple facility of finding out which teams are experiencing boardroom/managerial problems that can be quite detrimental to performance, or which players might be causing so many problems (intentionally or otherwise) off the pitch that it’s not worth the trouble to keep them on the club’s books. Luis Suarez is a prime example, and mobile sports betting fans can get their teeth (ahem) into the juicy looking odds of 33/1 that the controversial Liverpool star will be banned for life before 2016...


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