Football: Goal-Line Technology

It’s one thing when we place a bet on this or that football event or Grand Slam tennis match and so on, and our selection loses fair and square. But quite another to be rubbing our hands in glee when everything is going as we’d hoped for, only for whoever we’re rooting for to cruelly snatch defeat from the jaws of victory due to the referee making a mistake witnessed by 50,000 fans in the stadium and millions watching on television at home!

The introduction of HawkEye ‘in/out line’ technology in tennis, for example, both removed the element of doubt and bad luck from the sport as well as boosting the confidence of mobile sports betting enthusiasts so that they know their wager will at least have a genuine chance, without external factors throwing a proverbial fly in the ointment. The same goes for rugby, too, with replays for contentious, potentially crucial episodes that the officials might not have had sufficient time to properly consider in real time.

Now, at last, after years of many of us - particularly England fans – bemoaning our team’s success being scuppered by poor fortune, the Football Association expects Premier League clubs to approve goal-line technology, which is set to be launched in the 2013-14 Premier League season.

FIFA has already chosen GoalControl as the official goal-line technology company (to be used in the summer’s Confederations Cup). This uses 14 high-speed cameras placed around the pitch and aimed at both goals.

However, the Premier League clubs, who meet this week, don’t have to make the same selection from the choice of GoalControl and competitors HawkEye, GoalRef and CAIROS.

Whichever company emerges the winner of what is sure to be a lucrative contract, the FA wants the technology to be ready for the Community Shield at Wembley in August, and the clubs for it to be in place in time for the 2013-14 season. As far as the FA Cup is concerned, goal-line technology is planned to be in use from the third round onwards in any stadium with the system installed.

This is great news all round, not least for mobile sports gamblers, who can finally look forward to seeing the planet’s most popular sport being played with a long sought after maximum skill element, and who can find through gambling4mobiles the usual vast range of betting markets.


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